Radio Verulam’s The Parent’s Show

On January 14th, I had the pleasure of being an expert on The Parent Show along with coding club leader Graham Bridge who spoke about the virtues of Minecraft and how parents should embrace the educational side to it.

We were joined by app developer Alicia Coad who talked about ChatFOSS (ChatFOSS is a communication platform which enables children to communicate with each other via modern technology but without the risks associated with social platforms.)

And I addressed the issue of parent’s fears and screen time management. I also provided tips for parents, shortened from this FOSI blogpost:

  • Be realistic
  • Use Common Sense: you don’t have to be a nutritionist to understand that it’s bad to feed your child a junk food diet. Same with screen time. If you think it’s too much, it probably is.
  • Be a role model
  • Communicate with your child
  • Check out Screen Smart Parenting by pschiatristi Jodi Gold.
  • Don’t emphasis risk, but look to what is fun online.

Once the podcast is available, you will find it under The Parent Zone on itunes.

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