LSE Workshop on Families and Screen-time

On May 10, 2016, I attended a workshop at the London School of Economics with other child protection experts, academics, industry professionals, and psychologists.

The goal of the 1/2 day workshop was to “discuss emerging research and current policy developments relating to digital media use and technology management in UK families with children aged 0- 17 years.”

Speakers presented new research that explores parents’ evolving motivations for managing children’s media use.

The workshop analysed the current messages given to parents about ‘screen time,’ whether those recommendations are up-to-date and/or are evidence-based, and how parents are accessing this advice.

It also considered the absence of a UK policy-level resource (similar to the now-modified guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatrics) which would provide guidance and evidence to parents regarding ‘screen time’, and explored what future guidance might look like and how it might reach parents.

A summary of a related event on families and ‘screen time’ has been published by the Media Policy Project and Parenting for a Digital Future, and is available to read here.

You can also read more of the work of the Media Policy Project, LSE and Parenting for a Digital age blog here.

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